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Velvet CARE is one of the largest manufacturers of hygiene products in Poland. The company was founded in August 2013 but its roots go back to 1897. That is when, i.e. 120 years ago, the paper mill in Klucze near Olkusz was established.

The heart of our company is the Velvet brand. This brand of hygienic products, enjoying the greatest popularity in Poland, was launched in 1997 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the factory. For the last 20 years the Velvet brand has been a leader in the paper industry in Poland and is present in the homes of millions of Poles.

The company is a team of 500 people who combine commitment, passion and constant efforts to offer the best quality products and to introduce new solutions tailored to the requirements of its consumers and trading partners. From 2013 the company has been operating under the name of Velvet CARE as a result of a management buy-out financed by the Avallon MBO II investment fund, the company managed so far by the US company - Kimberly-Clark.

We are distinguished by almost 120 years of tradition; our production plant located in Klucze in the Małopolska Province has been operating incessantly since 1897.

In the last 20 years, the brand underwent several ownership changes, becoming a part of International Paper (1996 – 2003) and Kimberly-Clark (2003 – 2013). Investments made in this period provided the machine park with modern processing lines and contributed directly to the fact that the paper mill acquired the status of one of the most important plants producing and processing tissue in the Central Europe.

Since then further improvements have been carried out. These included the launch of 5 new technological lines (2015-2016) to increase at twice the production capacity of the plant and enabling the production of products conforming to the highest quality standards. A milestone was the launch of a machine for wet products in April of 2015; thanks to that the company has expanded its business profile and went beyond the frameworks of the manufacturer of paper products.

We use all efforts to make our products compliant with top quality and safe use standards. We implemented a certified quality management system, ISO 9001, environmental management system ISO 14001, OHS management according to the PN 18001 standard and we can boast of renowned quality certificate,EU ECOLABEL, which allows for using EU ecological label for toilet paper and paper towels produced by Velvet CARE.

As of January 2016, Velvet CARE has the prestigious BRC CP certificate. This is one of the most restrictive standards aimed at ensuring safety of consumers products, compliance with legal requirements of the sale market and quality requirements. Another success is to obtain the IFS certificate - this is an extremely important certification, especially in relations with clients in export markets.

Constant development and extending the company’s operation, as well as a number of certificates confirming quality are the effect of ongoing research, tests and searching for better solutions for consumers. We are ready to provide branded products, as well as create separate brands for trade networks.

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