Velvet synonym of softness

We are close to our consumers as the most recognized brand of toilet paper, paper towels and tissues in the country. Velvet offers solutions to ensure hygiene, freshness and comfort every day, and has won the trust of consumers and suppliers both. This is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions: Product of the Year, Innovation of the Year 2012, 2013 Consumers’ Award, Pearl of the FMCG market 2013, 2013 Superbrands selection, the 2013 European Medal, 2015 Consumers Award, 2015 Superbrands celection, 2016 Consumers' Award and Velvet baby was the winner in the competition "HIT Mamo, To Ja 2015 – Najlepsze Dla Dziecka" in the category of wet wipes.

Since 2015 is also available Velvet Baby brand dedicated to the youngest audience.