We are a team of over 500 staff employed at the paper mill in Klucze and in the commercial office in Warsaw. We work in different departments, making every effort so that Velvet products best fulfill their role every day. We are experienced professionals who continuously raise the bar for ourselves to implement increasingly better solutions, and thus improve the range of products that we offer. The vast majority of us, more than 70 percent, have been working for the company for over 10 years. There are people with us who joined straight after graduating as well as people with more than 40 years of experience. We appreciate the stability, long-term relationships and dynamism that allow new experiences to be gained.


The rhythm of work is set by the production process, which begins in the Manufacturing Department, where the heart of our company beats, namely the paper machine. The tissue that is produced there then goes to the Processing Department, where through cooperation with the Planning Department the finished product is created in the form of toilet paper, paper towels and tissues.

At each stage of production, the Quality Control Department and all employees of these departments verify that products meet quality standards. Next, the Logistics Department in collaboration with the Sales Department delivers the ordered goods to trading partners, and those in turn deliver them to consumers.

The Sales Department actively works with our trading partners and the Marketing Department and Category Management Department monitor what the expectations and market needs are and try to best adapt Velvet Care’s offering to them.

The Business Development and Export Department ensures that consumers from other countries have the chance to get to know Velvet and Veltie products.

Proper cooperation with our suppliers is ensured by staff responsible for the purchase of raw materials and services.

The HR Department looks after issues regarding staff and their development and the EHS, IT and Finance Departments ensure the safe functioning of the company.