Partnership Cooperation

 As a manufacturer of toilet paper dry and humidified, tissues, wet wipes for babies and paper towels, we have become an expert in building the value of these categories. Based on market data, knowledge about the needs and behaviours of customers and on our years of experience, we are open for cooperation in the development of paper categories in the stores of our partners. As part of the cooperation with our customers, we help to create a strategy for the development of categories and support its introduction at every stage.

We also undertake partnership cooperation in the production of own brands. To this end, we have increased production capacity and enabled the production of 2- and 3-ply items with any kind of print. Thanks to this, we can better adapt our offering to the changing needs of customers. We are open to cooperation with all retailers in the development of own-brand products in paper categories. We manufacture products at the customer's request, and, as an expert in the category, we offer ready-made product solutions. We offer products in the categories of toilet paper, kitchen towels and hygienic and universal tissues.

If you are interested in working with us in this regard, please contact our Privatel Label Department:

As part of local contracts, we service local purchase of raw materials for production as well as transport, warehousing and other services. We are also open to carrying out

co-packing projects in existing and new product categories.

In our organisation, creating and maintaining long-term relationships with suppliers and contractors is very important. With mutual trust and partnership relations with contractors, we can:

- improve the quality of products and services,

- shorten lead times, - establish preferential prices,

- improve the flow of information,

- jointly develop specifications and product development, to strengthen the competitive position of the company.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact our Private Label Department: