Velvet Baby wet wipes in Dzidziuś packet

For a happy start!

It has been the second year in a row when Velvet Baby is taking part in Dzidziuś program – an educational campaign enjoying unfailing recognition among young parents carried out in obstetric hospitals located in the whole country since 1992. About 250 thousand young mothers will have a chance to try moisturizing Velvet Baby Pure wet wipes.


Dzidziuś is the very first present given to the mothers of newborns by midwives. The packet includes product samples, guide books, brochures, discount coupons and leaflets. Each packet contains mini Velvet Baby Pure, i.e. 16 soft and delicate moisturizing wet wipes for babies for daily hygiene and sensitive skin care. The product is available for sale.


The materials included in Dzidziuś packet constitute not only a reliable source of information about baby care but also provide the possibility to promote brands among parents, gain their trust and build an emotional bond with them. Currently, Dzidziuś packet is distributed in almost 330 clinics all over the country (93% of all obstetric hospitals) reaching at the same time as many as 87% of births in Poland (the data come from 2017 according to the Central Statistical Office). Every month due to the campaign, about 27 thousand packets are given to young mothers. They are potentially new clients, who after having tried Velvet Baby wet wipes and being convinced to their softness and effectiveness will look for them in shops.

We are happy that Velvet Baby may accompany moms in such important and beautiful moments by offering velvet softness and the products of the highest quality since the very first moments with the baby.