Velvet is a brand that was launched in 1997, exactly on the hundredth anniversary of the paper mill in Klucze. It was at the time the first brand of paper hygiene products offering high-quality toilet paper and tissues. for the last 17 years it has been the unbroken market leader and enjoys unwavering popularity among consumers. For years, Velvet products have been synonymous with delicacy and softness, and the brands well known and popular slogan is: "Velvet - soft as velvet” [Velvet – miękki jak aksamit].


Veltie is a sister brand intended for export markets. Consumers from Central Europe (Czechs, Slovaks) and Northern Europe (Norwegians, Danes) and the Baltic States are familiar with products from the plant in Klucze.

Velvet presents a new icon, which is the Polar Bear - white, soft and fluffy. It perfectly symbolises the brand’s values ​​such as softness, gentleness and impeccable cleanliness.

Each leaf of Velvet toilet paper, both white and coloured, consists of three soft and fluffy layers of tissue. The paper is embossed with a bear and bear cub paw – the new brand icon. Velvet paper towels are more absorbent and durable, thanks to modern compression technology. Exceptionally thick leaves of tissue paper better absorb moisture, making towels more durable and efficient. Now, just one leaf is necessary to wipe a wet stain or remove dirt.

Velvet tissues, characterised by gentleness and softness, are available in both boxes as well as a pocket version.


The company also offers affordable tissues  A...PSIK – the most frequently purchased tissues in the country, SZAST PRAST towels and CLASSIC – soft, tough, white toilet paper.